Butt Surgery Butt derived from buttocks is a part of the body which can enhance the physical aspects of your appearance. Also known as Gluteal Implant or Gluteoplasty, buttock augmentation is a reconstructive surgical procedure which is done for reshaping the butt. cdn_helper
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Butt Surgery in Iran Details

Butt derived from buttocks is a part of the body which can enhance the physical aspects of your appearance.

Also known as Gluteal Implant or Gluteoplasty, buttock augmentation is a reconstructive surgical procedure which is done for reshaping the butt.

With the help of a proper training program, the buttock area can be enlarged or reshaped.
The two techniques are used for doing butt augmentation (butt enhancement cosmetic surgery).

The very first technique adds the volume to the buttocks, while the second technique Brazilian Butt Lift adds your fat to improve the shape of the buttocks.

From the two techniques, Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is most sought after the technique.

Butt Surgery In Iran

What is Butt lifting Surgery?

The butt lift surgery is the procedure to tighten the skin of the buttocks.

This procedure is often confused with a Brazilian butt lift, but it is a different procedure altogether.

In this, excess skin is removed, and the surrounding tissue is repositioned to create a more pleasing body contour.

Implants, liposuction, and lifts are all used to sculpt the buttock region into a desired shape.
In combination with a lift, some patients also desire for an augmentation that utilizes implants.

Butt Surgery in Iran

Types of Butt Augmentation

  • Buttocks Augmentation with Implants:
    During the surgery, the surgeon place silicone implants, which are same as the structure of breast implants in the region around the buttocks.
    The special attention is paid to place these implants away from the significant nerves and the region around the bone on which we sit.
    People who generally opt for this surgery are the one who doesn’t possess enough fat in their buttocks.
  • Brazilian Buttocks with Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting Surgery:
     During this surgery, the fat implants are taken from the patient’s body, such as the abdomen or thighs.
    To make sure that the augmentation is attractive and most importantly even, the fat of the donor is added with the help of many injections at the different depths.
    Most women opt for this surgery as it provides a shapelier outline to the butt area, and the results are very satisfying.
  • Buttocks Lift Surgery:
     In this procedure, the patient’s sagged, or the extra skin is removed, which has been caused either by weight loss or the aging process.
    This procedure can also be performed with an abdomen or thigh lift surgeries.

Butt Surgery in Iran

Who should consider Butt Surgery?

  • Women who wish to achieve a perfect figure or are unhappy with the size of their buttocks
  • People with underdeveloped buttocks
  • Buttocks augmentation candidates are at least 18 years of age and in good physical health
  • Candidates should be psychologically stable

Procedure for Buttock Augmentation

The procedure is performed under general or local anesthesia and takes two to three hours to complete.

The surgery starts by making an incision at the back part of the thigh or the crease of the buttock.
The incision is made in the crease of the buttock in such a way that the scars are less visible.

The surgeon makes a big pocket to add the butt implants on the top of the muscle or below the gluteus Maximus muscle.

The procedure is repeated for the other buttock, and all the incisions are thoroughly closed and checked for symmetry.
To improve the shape of the buttocks, Liposuction technique is also used.

Butt Surgery in Iran

Buttocks Augmentation Recovery

Recovery of buttock augmentation procedure, the patient can experience swelling and tightness for the starting two days.

Although the swelling will completely disappear after one month. Buttock implants take several weeks for a full recovery, and the patient can return to its normal routine activities.

Recovery is quite good in the case of buttock augmentation by inserting fat injections.

Buttock Augmentation Benefits

  • Gaining a more sensuous backside
  • Boosting of self-confidence
  • More enhanced appearance of the buttocks
  • More balanced look
  • Less self-conscious and concerned about the appearance

Cost of Buttock Augmentation Surgery

The cost of buttocks augmentation surgery in Iran is very affordable as compared to any other country in the world.

Iran offers best medical facilities combined with the latest technologies to give a satisfactory and beneficial treatment.

Butt Surgery in Iran

Butt Surgery

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