Eyebrow Transplantation Eyebrow cultivation is one of the answers to the question of how the eyebrows get harder. cdn_helper
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Eyebrow Transplantation in Iran Details

What is eyebrow transplantation?

Eyebrow cultivation is one of the answers to the question of how the eyebrows get harder.

For people today, the external appearance is essential.
In her modern life, especially facial beauty and care have a crucial place both in appearance and in psychological terms.

Each technology, medical advances, discoveries, and research as the remedy is found, it is also possible to successfully apply the eyebrow transplantation after hair transplantation.

Burning your eyebrows as a result of a sudden accident, after long-term treatment of burns, or treatment of certain diseases or hormones eyebrow transplantation, which is a treatment method that can be applied in case of no eyebrows, Doctors easily perform it.

Eyebrow Transplantation in Iran

How to apply the eyebrow transplantation?

This is a special medical technique called FUE technique, which has been identified if you have no serious disease.

Although it is simple enough to be applied to people of all ages and in every situation, it still includes a small operation.

It is a process that must be carried out by a qualified person in a sterile environment where the appropriate conditions are met.

Briefly; the hair follicles are taken from one’s nape area, placed in pre-opened channels in the eyebrow region, it can be defined as the name of the new eyebrow removal process. 

The procedure starts with the patient showing a model of the eyebrow that he wants.

In a patient-specialist collaboration, a model is drawn on the eyebrow area to ensure that the patient is confident.            

Depending on the density and thickness of the drawn model, the approximate number of roots required is calculated and calculated according to this calculation.

It is taken in enough from the hair roots in the neck.
These roots must belong to the person who wants to add eyebrows. DNA matching is required to obtain a result.   

Random placement is not possible after the removal of the nodes from the neck.

Because the eyebrow area is as dense as hair and shapes the smallest error can cause a bad appearance because there is no region to export.

Therefore, the roots taken from the directions are determined and separated. 

A few procedures are then performed in the eyebrow area before the actual transfer.

First of all, local anesthesia and microscopic channels are opened with a lateral slit so that the roots can be held and placed in the region.

Roots with micromotor or manual punches collect one by one and are placed one by one according to the direction of the channels.

 This process is as short as 2 hours, and it does not cause any pain or pain due to the microwork.               

After October, the patient may return to his / her home, but to prevent any damage to the newly placed roots, Protection against factors is also an important point.

Does the eyebrow transplant hurt?

The patient does not experience any pain or pain during the sowing, even after sowing.

After the cultivation of eyebrow roots, the only situation the patient will encounter is to interrupt his / her eyebrows at certain time intervals.

The roots of the roots planted in the region of Kas new eyebrows will not remain as short as an eyebrow and will continue to grow.

The patient will also need to it will not lose anything of its naturalness by shortening it properly.Eyebrow Transplantation in Iran

What happens after eyebrow sowing?

After two weeks of applied eyebrow transplantation, there is a shedding of the eyebrows.

These spill roots It is a natural process, not a situation that requires you to be scared as an indicator of renewal.

Renewed roots begin to emerge many people may take three months, but usually, all the roots to leave the eyebrows for six months after the procedure should be expected.

Eyebrow Treatment Result

Approximately one year later, you will start to gain the naturalness of the development of the roots of your new eyebrows.

Not fast, just as an eyebrow speed will begin to grow.

In other words, this problem will not be attempted too small to be eliminated in time.

After six months, the eyebrows are completely removed, and after taking shape, the roots cannot be damaged again.

You can give shape just like your old eyebrows.

Even after one year from the sowing process can add new roots, have tighter and thicker eyebrows.

You can. The application of eyebrow transplantation at appropriate time intervals does not harm a patient.

In short, you can also help you can have both painless and natural eyebrows, even if you cut your hair completely in your hair you can have new eyebrows no matter what age you have, without image disturbance.

Eyebrow Transplantation in Iran

Who is referring to the eyebrow transplantation?

Most applicants for the cultivation of eyebrows are women who want thick eyebrows as the fashion of recent years.

At the same time, it’s used to be consistent with fine brow fashion. Eyebrows and those who have more sparse eyebrows ever prefer.

This is also very common for people who are exposed to other situations; the light of hope has become.

For example, he was exposed to fire and therefore suffered psychological trauma as well as his hair, eyelashes, and people who have lost their eyebrows can take advantage of this process can get old images.

There is no health problem during and after the eyebrow transplant, and the process is quite natural as well as it’s natural.

The natural appearance of the new eyebrows is as natural as the person’s hair watching the normal way.

During or after the procedure, there is no task left for the patient, because how accurate and successful a transfer process will be in the hands of the doctor and the medical team who are fully specialized.

When doing the hair with the eyebrows, the expert must have enough differences between the two.

Since the hair follicles’ spacing and the angle of the outflow are different from the eyebrows, the fact that hair is used in eyebrow suturing is also important for indicates that it should be calculated well.

The more successful a doctor makes the cultivation process, the natural stance of the eyebrow in terms of the image will result in success.

Meanwhile, the degree of intensity of eyebrow transplantation should also be left to the knowledge of the doctor.

How many pieces of skin per square centimeter can feed the eyebrow root Depending on the subject, the adjusted eyebrow density level should be applied according to your doctor’s recommendation instead of your request and as appropriate.
How much are the prices of the eyebrow plantation?

A fixed price has not been determined for the operation of the eyebrow planting.

A price is determined based on the number of roots you will add to the doctor and your needs, but this price will not keep up hair transplantation if you add few roots.

Eyebrow Transplantation

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