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Planting Beard in Iran Details

Beard Cultivation

Beard is an important accessory to provide aesthetic appearance on the face for many men.

Genetic factors, for reasons such as diseases, drug use, environmental factors, subsequent accidents you may not have beards.

Spills starting in your beard, thinning, clarification, scarri.

Sparsity or openness in your beards is not a precursor to any health problem.

However, in terms of aesthetics, beard shedding in men who give importance to the problem of self-confidence, while causing significant psychological depression, such as may even cause results.

The first method of resorting to men living in spills prepared cures.

However, even though regular beard care is done at home with the methods you have applied to the area that is already open, it is not possible to return your spilled beards.

Application of hair transplantation in hair transplantation centers You can regain your shaved beard.
What are the techniques of beard cultivation?

FUT or FUE techniques can be used when making beard cultivation. 

FUT method has caused many disadvantages.
While it is not preferred because of the FUE method, there is no problem in planting operations.

At this point the correct seeding center and be sure to select the sowing specialist.
FUT method, in other words, transplanted grafts in the hair transplantation operation with the same angle everywhere.

Therefore both after operation The desired natural result cannot be reached.
In the FUE method, according to the direction and angle of hair growth, cutting is done with the latest technology tools.

In this way, no post-operation When you don’t have a trace, you get the most natural planting results.Planting Beard in Iran

How to make beard cultivation

Quality hair roots are taken from any part of the body as in hair transplantation when making beard cultivation, and the beard is transported to the open area.

The point that is important during the process roots as much as possible from the beard area.

Especially the neck part has the best quality grafts for transplantation Due to the ideal donor zone is accepted.

Also, the region of the graft taken.
The most natural appearance will be achieved by planting. In cases where there are not enough quality hair follicles in the beard area.

The donor region can be defined as a nape.

When selecting the grafts, it should be noted that there are single hair roots.
Because in the beard area there are always single hair roots.

Therefore, if more than one root is used, an artificial image is obtained.

If the bristle roots are left outside, they will remain oxygen-free. Loses function.
Quality grafts are identified and removed from the hair transplantation process sowing must be done.

During hair transplantation, the transplanted hair follicles must be transplanted in the same direction and at the same angle as the other hairs in the area.

The angle and angle of sowing are important to obtain the most natural result.

There is no pitting in the hair follicles after sowing because the cutting tools are not used during the procedure.

How much beard should be planted?

When you have a beard plant, you have to consider your facial structure.

Decide on the region where you want to make a beard plantation then you should consult a specialist.

First of all, necessary tests and analyses are made, and you decide whether you are suitable for beard planting Given. Hereditary factors, the direction, and angle of hair removal, the quality of the hair follicles, the color of the hair Factors are important for correct beard cultivation.

Therefore, the intensity of the beard cultivation and determination of your doctor is decided based on the analysis.

Planting Beard in Iran

Who can make beard cultivation?

Beard cultivation; hereditary factors, various psychological disorders and diseases, drug use, accidents, and environmental factors due to shedding, dilution, and clarity of the beard.

The problem of scarring, burns or beard breaking in your beard area If you live you can easily make beard cultivation.

Also, if you’ve never had a beard before (the corner), the latest technology devices hospitals and hair transplantation centers.
How should be cared after beard cultivation?

After sowing, you should not wash the beard area for the period specified by your doctor.

Also shaving lotion, cologne, perfume, such as chemical products should not use. You should not cut your beards during the healing period.

Your doctor will give you the necessary information after sowing and will tell you the date you can shave.
Will there be traces after beard cultivation?

Redness, traces of blood and scabs after the beard transplantation are incredibly normal.

These reactions after the process are exceptionally normal and temporary. 

Thanks to the latest technology devices and FUE technique, which is the most current planting method, there are no marks left after the process.

Planting Beard in Iran

When are the planted beards removed?

In the first 15 days after the beard cultivation, spills will occur in your beard.

My planted beards you should know that the spilled ones are only broken bristles.

At least four bears of the hair follicles He finds. At the end of the 8th month, approximately 60-70% of the hair follicles are sown.

At the end of 1 year, your hair follicles are out, and your beards become longer.

Is it possible to shape the beard area with beard cultivation?

The operation of the beard is not just an operation to fill the areas where opening and dilution appear as a result of shedding.

Also, scattered seeding can be done in the regions where there is a range and where there are intervals.

In this way, hair roots that cause an aesthetically dispersed appearance are taken, and gaps are being sown.

Beard cultivation prices?

Beard cultivation prices are determined by the number of grafts to be transplanted to the area to be sown.

Check the number of grafts together with your doctor. You can determine according to your need.

Also, depending on the size of the area to be sown, and the quality of the grafts taken, the hair follicle the number of beard sowing price is one of the factors.

Planting Beard

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