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Finding the right doctor and clinic/hospital for your Cancer Treatment is not always easy. Taking into account the extremely high fees of many Cancer Treatment surgeons, this becomes an even more daunting task. We are here to help you in this regard by connecting you.


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About Cancer Treatment

You can take any kind of treatment for any kind of physical illness. Please notice that you can`t take mental therapy in Iran. Most popular surgeries in Iran are cosmetic surgeries including Rhinoplasty, lifting, hair transparent, etc. Also, maxillofacial surgery and odontology, neurosurgery, MISTIC surgeries, dermatological therapies and ophthalmological therapies in Iran are well known worldwide.

You need a Type T or Medical visa which is for foreign patients with physical illness. First you need to receive an approval letter from one of the authorized medical centers, then you can apply online through but it is recommended to contact us for free and safe visa service.

MedPersia has agreements with Iranian clinics, hospitals and health centers and according to these agreements, MedPersia can reduce the prices for you. In addition, we can provide you with facilities like transfer, visa process, accommodation and recreational tours along with your medical treatment with the best price.

Iran has few restrictions regarding women`s dressing. You need to wear scarf and cover your legs and arms but you don`t have to wear full hijab and there`s no restriction for color of the cloths.

Maybe Iranian clinics and hospitals are not so fancy but they are very well equipped and you can benefit very good services in Iranian health centers. Even it is said that Iran`s ophthalmological equipment is one the bests in whole world. Also, hospital stuffs are very well educated and professional. In addition to stuffs and equipment, Iranian hospitality that can be seen and felt everywhere even in hospitals, is another reason for choosing Iran for your treatment. But the most important reason is that you can benefit world class medical services with the cheapest price ever in Iran.

No insurance for medical reasons is available for foreigners in Iran. Please check with insurance providers in your own country whether they are able to cover your prices in Iran or not.

MedPersia will be with you online even after you go back to your country. In case our online advises and instructions are not sufficient, we introduce you some specialists in your country to visit.

You can check with MedPersia`s online team.

Due to the sanctions against Iran unfortunately you can`t nor use your international credit and debit cards in Iran neither pay online. But, MedPersia has made it possible for you to pay online to MedPersia for your medical tour package and we will afford your prices in Iran.

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